Brother M and the Present

Brother M once perceived the Present (absolute now moment). From all that has been experienced, the following conclusion has been drawn: The Now is constituted from the ontological element which is the exclusive Present. In its exclusivity, the Now does not allow memory to form around it, ergo the Now can never belong to History (memory). The Now is a visual logical figure, which holds consistency. It is obvious that the Now is necessary, so that, in complete contrast to it, we can form the past (identity). After the formation of the past (memory-identity), with the constant energy of the Now, we have a predisposition to form (anticipate) the future. The more complete our definitions of the past (the elements within logical laws), the greater the possibilities within anticipation (more precisely). Ref: The story of Noah.

The Now is a relation-structure (potential binegation), that contains sets of the past and sets of the future, as well as sets of the interior and sets of the exterior.

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