Looking at the whole

Carl Jaspers says that genius sees the whole, not the particular. Napoleon says “I do not want the world in its parts, I want it in its entirety.” Weininger says “The highest level of individualism is the highest level of universality.” Christ in the Gnostic Gospels says “I come from the undivided.”

Only in understanding the ontological principle of contrast (two opposing sets with the relation in-between) can we reconcile seemingly opposing ideas and thus see their relation – truth. The relation structure is the highest conceptual unit. This unit enables the existence of sets, but also their final resolving. That is, the relation is necessary for the constitution of the Movement. Movement is life – Leonardo DaVinci

Something about the causes:

  • The discovery of the Divine Particle in Cern should tell us something about the first second after the creation of the Cosmos.
  • Freud’s psychoanalysis is based on finding out the causes. We find out the cause by naming it (“In the beginning, was the Word”).
  • Socrates says we just need to remember.
  • Jung says Self (Christ).

Comment 1: If we stand at the beginning of events, we can reason how the phenomenon is developed. If we are aware of the process, we understand the current level of individuation of the phenomenon, where it is located, where it comes from, and (we assume) where it should go.

Comment 2: visible pattern one – many – one.

Comment 3: Coming to the One implies passing (understanding), through the Many.

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