Axis Mundi | Digital Art

Architecture is a living symbol. A symbol built from the memory of the ancestral cave we come from, and the fractal edifice we aspire to.

In the interspace of history and the future, memory and anticipation, reality and fantasy, the architectural symbol is the imago of the process ego that strives for the absolute.

This imago offers a few conclusions:

– Architecture is an extension of the image of man, ergo an extension of the image of life.
– The image of life is built between two extremes of presumed opposites.
– Ideal, as an image, is a formative tool, not an instance on the path of individuation.

Axis Mundi – Alchemical Apparatus

We pass through the world interpreting it logically. Our logical apparatuses are constituted by ethical and aesthetic judgments. These judgments are defined by thesis, anti-thesis, and the relation.

The more precisely defined theses and anti-theses through life, the greater the knowledge of the grammar of the Logos.

Tree as an alchemical tool

Imago of a tree as a visual-logical analogue

Thesis – Relationship – Anti-thesis
Root – Tree – Canopy
Set 1 – Relation relation – Set 2
Many 1 – One – Many 2
Outer world – I (myself) – Inner world
Body – Spirit – Mind
Conscious – Dreams – Unconscious
Personally unconscious – Archetypes – Collective unconscious