Gardens of Individuation – Bitcoin Foundation | USA

Circling of the square

– The dynamic movement of the cubic form – circling of the square – organically generates the mandala symbol ideogram.

– The mandala ideogram suggests the path of individuation and personal growth.

– the wholeness of 4 different corners – 4 sides of the world – 4 main walking paths

– The individuation process is metaphorically represented through climbing. The repetition of step forms suggest the constant climb needed for reaching the pinnacle (centre)

– As a homage to the technological age, the main constitutive material pattern is binary

– Via the logical visual gradation of the pattern the web of development and interconnecting is established

– Visibility and an easy trace of the source code – original inscription – a monument

– Fractal design development – a reflection of the large elements in small ones and the projection of the small ones via large ones.

– Modeled on the references of the archaic ideal cities, filtered through the modern spectrum.

– Strong suggestions to the centre within each block, and on the entire matrix in general – the connotation of poly-centric composition.

– Poly-centric suggestions, and organic development of the pattern as an allegory of the democratization of distribution.

– The monument suggests a pattern (the principal) that models the aesthetical constituents of the entire community. With this sculptural suggestion (progression) our monument reposition (reprojects) itself from the ‘only’ monument to the level of ideogramatic macro-symbol.

– Windmills analogy – windmill ideogram