Twin Perspective Houses | China

House of double perspective

The house, as an introtecture of man, as an internal building that we build all our life and embed new floors of experience to it, functions dichotomously and twofold. However, this twinning (dichotomy) does not exist as a rivalry between the two interdisciplinary elements, but as a symbiosis of two different perspectives. Two perspectives are necessary for each development. One perspective is oriented towards openness, acceptance and totality, and the other is selective, focused and insular in regard to the things it sees. These two allegorical roads directly designed the two dominant walls of both houses.

Minimalistic Ornament (Element) – Selective Perception – Front Wall The front wall of the entrance parter clearly reveals the focus and categorization of light and external vision. Selectivity is evidence of a qualitative filter that is indispensable for building qualitative knowledge. Choosing right in a chaotic world is a necessary condition for order.

Baroque ornament (element) – Mosaic panorama – Back wall The back wall is an incarnation of openness. The cacophony of external landscapes is painted on the glass surface of a fragmented canvas. Quantitative absorption of experience is indispensable for authentic experience and wisdom. The world is a reflection of a house, a house as a reflection of a man.